Vargbyte OR The Rolling Stones?!


On this date, Vargbyte lays down some free, high energy, thrash melodic death metal for the new generation of music fans at the Des Plaines Battle of the Bands!  At the same time, miles away at Soldier Field, The Rolling Stones entertained the masses with some over-priced, old school rhythm & blues arena rock.

For those who missed this Vargbyte show, imagine missing The Rolling Stones in 1963!  Bet you would have killed to seen the Stones then!


Treehouse Records,  Chicago, IL


In a mid-April polar vortex, VARGBYTE travels to Treehouse Records Chicago to record the final track for their upcoming "Northbound" EP!

The day's freak blizzard added to mix in the studio as the band charged through multiple takes of the tune "Surreality."

Great thanks to engineer Barrett Guzaldo and Matt Gieser for their fine hospitality at Treehouse!


2019 Music Impact Award, Wilmette, IL


VARGBYTE is honored with the 2019 Music Impact Award given by the Winnetka Your Organization.  The band was selected for their creative, enthusiastic and responsible participation in WYO music events.

WYO's 50th Anniversary Benefit for was held at Sheridan Shore Yacht Club .  Oscar, Brendan, Nick and Bennett partied late into the night in the shadow of the Baha'i Temple!



Good Wolf Music, Northfield, IL


In the midnight hour, VARGBYTE finishes recording the meat of two new songs for the soon to be released EP "Northbound." 

Nick & Oscar sang their throats out with the help of proper potato chip lubrication!  All that's left are the guitar overdubs and a final mix by engineer-extraordinaire Jeff Breakey!

Totally psyched to share our music with the world!

Stay Tuned!  More exciting recording news to come!


Live Show at 210 LIVE!


For the NSMI Live Showcase, VARGBYTE took to the stage in Highwood, IL and premiered new tunes from the upcoming EP.

Multiple cameras were rolling to document the event!  Check out the videos below for their original tune "Trephining" and a cover of Gojira's "Oroborus".


Battle of the Bands VICTORY!


VARGBYTE impresses the WYO with a tidy set that includes a holiday-themed cover of Spinal Tap's "Christmas with the Devil."


For their efforts they win 1st Prize - a recording session in Chicago at Treehouse Records!


Bitter Jester Music Festival!


Fans were literally brought to their knees when Vargbyte closed the Opening Night show at this year's Bitter Jester Music Festival.  The music was LOUD and faces were melted on this hot summer night - just like the ice cream cones being served steps away from the stage.

At the end of the evening, Festival judges recognized Vargbyte guitarist Oscar Carlson as the Best Musician of the competition!  All hail Vargbyte!


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